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Inspirational Leadership

Peter Granger offers inspiring courses, team workshops and one-to-one coaching in
the area of leadership, people management and business and excutive coaching

About the Leadership Training

Leadership is about inspiring and motivating people so that they reveal their full potential. It is about providing an exciting vision of the future and goals that people can aspire to. It is about building a culture that champions creativity and innovation and is full of honesty and integrity. It is about building bonded, high performance teams. It is also about creating a workplace that is fulfilling and fun. Peter's courses and coaching focus on all these areas and are built around a unique and power personality model show below. You will how to understand your own personality and that of your staff so you can more effectively lead and manage them.



About the Tutor

Peter Granger has spent 34 years in the petroleum industry, starting his career with Seismograph Services as a seismic processor before joining BP as an interpreter and review geophysicist.

Peter has worked in diverse locations such as Libya, South Africa and the UK and on a range of basins, with a regional focus on the Atlantic Margins of Britain and Ireland. He worked as the intepreter on the team that discovered the Foinaven Field and West of Shetland Tertiary oil province.

Peter has been a training consultant for 24 years. His courses have been acclaimed for their innovative, fun and practical style and his novel use of working models and practical demonstrations.

Peter is also very interested in emotional intelligence in the workplace and offers a range of courses/workshops in leadership and business creativity/innovation . He runs a creativity and innovationcourse for Nautilus Ltd (part of RPS Group) within their Geosccience Training Alliance. He also offers executive coaching with an emphasis on emotional intelligence and inspirational leadership .


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